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Shaping the 21st Global Socio-Economic Landscape: Unlocking the Leader in YOU

As young minds prepare to step out into the working world, you must realize that in view of the multidimensional changes we are in the middle of, something deeper has changed and something fundamental to our very well being has been fractured. The backdrop is indeed clouded with uncertainties. There are as many views on how such issues will need to be addressed, as there are skeptics who have lost total faith in today’s institutions to provide the right kind of solutions, today’s civilization requires.

Universities have always been the fountainhead of new views, new thoughts, and new principles which have kept the world civilization moving in the right direction. I am confident, universities around the world particularly in the US, known for it’s ability to embrace emerging issues to evolve state-of-the-art cutting edge solutions, will continue to inspire its students to play significant roles. You are now sitting at historic cross-roads which I believe is great opportunity for all of us, particularly you as your fertile minds connect with the challenges of our time with an open mind. Accordingly, the presentation covers three fundamental points.


The time has come now, particularly for those who are graduating in this year and 2021 will now navigate through the next 12 months, which I term an era of COVID 19, to identify a role that is geared not toward short-term financial and/or “brand name” gains, but based on a more purposeful resolve to build “multi-dimensional trust” that today’s world is looking for. We need more charged Leadership Expression.


A few articles, presentations and white papers are available below: