Special Heading

It is indeed a special privilege and a great honor to have this distinctive opportunity to reflect on a gigantic personality like Rabindranath Tagore; that too at a kick-off event, which I hope will turn out to be an event to inspire, trigger, and support a series purposeful experiences and programs; - together the events must not only honor and celebrate the 150th anniversary of Tagore, but help to bring forward his thoughts and spirit at a time when the world is devoid of the kind of leadership our planet needs now. We need those leadership qualities that Tagore offered during the late later years of 19th century, and better part of the first half of the 20th century.

When I talk of leadership in the context of Tagore, I include all the possible dimensions of leadership - intellectual, spiritual, political, social that can transcend all types of borders - geographical, ideological, theological, cultural, social and professional.

Given where our civilization is today, it is indeed an opportunity time to reflect on his personality with an open mind and with highest level of reverence to his thought process expressed through his poems and his songs, his dialogues and his letters, his speeches and sketches, during his moments of sorrow and happiness, hope and despair.

Shri. Ghosh had the great advantage of being equally at home in the cultures of India, Japan and USA. This factor along with his sincerity no doubt, helped him to earn the respect of even Japanese CEOs – and that is not easy.
- Arjun Asrani, Ex Ambassador of India in Japan

Presentation available below:

Advancing the Promise of Humanity - Keynote Speech - Tagore Society of Houston