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Partha Ghosh

Introducing Partha Ghosh

Partha S. Ghosh is a true global citizen. He is a policy advisor and a strategist for Corporates and Governments. He is known worldwide as an innovator of Business and Economic models and currently enjoys advisory relationships with multiple organizations in more than half a dozen nations. Earlier Mr. Ghosh was a partner at McKinsey & Company and is the founder/Managing director of Strategy/Policy advisory firm Partha S. Ghosh & Associates. He has also chaired several start-ups such as Boston Analytics, Global-Online and Intersoft Japan.

He has two advanced Engineering (MS) and Management (MBA) degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He did his undergraduate work at Indian Institute of Technology.

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As the Chairman of my company, I have the opportunity to meet great leaders – CEOs, Chairmen of Fortune 100 companies; Partha Ghosh in terms of his personality, thought leadership and knowledge will tower as one of the more distinguished personalities among them.
- Chairman of a Large European Conglomerate

What Partha Ghosh does

Dr. Ghosh helps boards of companies to be strategically more effective and corporate governance more trustworthy. In the last forty years as a professional consultant to leaderships of prestigious organizations worldwide, he has been involved in a broad spectrum of strategic and policy issues in technology based industries – Automotive, Biotech/Pharma, Chemicals, Energy (both conventional and emerging renewable systems) to Electronics & Semiconductors.

Partha Ghosh believes that in the next 25 years the world economy will undergo profound changes which civilization has never experienced before. Industries and governments will need to reinvent the basic tenants of capitalism implying fundamental transformation of industry and economic models.

Partha Ghosh
Partha Ghosh

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Partha Ghosh quotes

Leadership is a “human fine art” to unleash the forces of self expression of individuals of a community (an organization, a society, a nation, and civilization at large) towards a super ordinate goal
At a fundamental level of being, we all seek value in self-fulfillment through personal development and meaningful relationships with others
With divine within and egos outside, possibilities are limit less
As we explore new possibilities, the unknown space surrounding the areas explored only increases leading to new possibilities
How much each one of us individually and collectively achieve is never limited by our means, but how far and how broad we could stretch our vision, and much we could sharpen your passion
When we perform a good deed for another person and we do not expect one in return; - rather, we take gratification in knowing that our good deeds have been passed on through a network of self-actualization we define who we are?
Digitization knows no boundaries, and knowledge has always been borderless, as a result in today’s business environment to succeed leaders have to think and act beyond borders, keeping in focus the locale – both in terms of the requirements and the assets
We only get to know who we are when we immerse ourselves to uncover paths with unknown twists and turns, always being open to those inspiring churns
Power to influence outcome, is not determined by your title but by your ability to mobilize your inner power; titles are given to you and taken away from you by some one else, your inner power always stay with you

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