Special Heading

As well wishers and partners of leaderships of businesses and governments, we seek intellectual excitement and spiritual fulfillment in enabling and enlightening humanity’s search for a higher level meaning in a more equitable, ethical and environment friendly future.

In this spirit, drawing on four decades of problem solving experience in a wide range of industries, across two-dozen nations, we are singularly focused on helping organizations secure strategic advantage to realize economic gains by enhancing their leadership capacity, elevating their benchmarks of corporate governance, and energizing their social intelligence.

Partha enjoys a global reputation as a strategist, as an innovator of business and economic models. Country and corporate leaders worldwide view him as a visionary, A renaissance man who inspires leaders build lasting legacies.
- CEO of a German Multi-National Company

In order to help organizations stay abreast of, if not stay ahead of latest management thinking, and to enable leadership teams to introduce cutting-edge problem solving tools and concepts, we manage each advisory relationship with a certain bias towards experimentation - “do it, try it, fix it“ - mentality.