Special Heading

Influenced by one the Greatest Philosophers and Public servants of the 19th Century, and a luminary in the First Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893, Swami Vivekananda, at the core of Partha Ghosh’s professional work and his public service he celebrates Swami Vivekananda’s thought “Our Real Awakening takes place when we dedicate our life to an Exalted Ideal”.

In that spirit Partha Ghosh in collaboration with a select group of professionals launched The Boston Pledge (TBP), a humanitarian organization headquartered in Boston. A non-profit organization, TBP brings together volunteers committed to public service from multiple professions to directly serve bottom of the pyramid issues with the hope that we will help in catalyzing sustainable development. It is our strong conviction that by transcending the constraints of self-interest and limits of national borders, and by focusing on empowering people at the grass roots we will able to create a virtuous dynamic which could on the long term build a more equitable society.

Its mission is to develop a process through which people in privileged regions can engage with socio-economic issues in less privileged regions, to draw and deploy resources for encouraging all round development, and to evolve a multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic network for service to humanity.

I was greatly impressed by the way Partha combined his vast experience and knowledge about the macro, sectoral and micro levels of issues with his superior analytical ability. Another of his outstanding attributes is his ability to build strong relationships and lines of communication with representatives of diverse segments of civil society.
- Bülent Eczacıbaşı, Chairman, Eczacıbaşı Group

Toward with this mission, we view TBP as an incubator of voluntary public service. TBP is currently working on several different initiatives including (i) Entrepreneurial Development for the under privileged segments of society around the world in order to facilitate bottom up entrepreneurship (ii) The Arsenic remediation in ground water in different parts of the world, and (iii) Rural development.

Partha Ghosh genuinely believes that “When we perform a good deed for another person and we do not expect one in return; - rather, we take gratification in knowing that our good deeds have been passed on through a network of self-actualization, we define who we are?”