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List of a few keynote addresses through three decades


As reflected by the select Keynote/Invited Speeches at major leadership forums worldwide, Partha Ghosh had the opportunity to think and speak on a wide range of issues, - from Technology to Theology, from Ethics to Engineering, Macro to Micro Economy, Nation Building to Global Integration.



Imagining a “Post Corona Virus” Global Economy - Prospects & Possibilities Ahead: Leadership Requirements? Keynote address for a conference organized for 1500 senior executives in China May 25th, 2020

Shaping the 21st Global Socio-Economic Landscape: Unlocking the Leader in YOU
Keynote address at Beta Gamma Sigma Annual Induction Ceremony, May 21st 2020 at Bentley University

Becoming an Innovator: Uncovering your inner problem-solving power -
series of 5 lectures (April 27th May 1st, 2020) at Adamas University including
Putting Innovation in the context of the modern civilization
Demystifying Innovation: Unlocking the Power within you
Nurturing Genuine Problem-Solving Skills: The 3 Vectors?
Becoming an Innovator: Opportunities abound?
Practicing Innovation: Being in the flow as an active player (not as passive observer)

Powering the “Dynamics of Innovation” to enable Spectrum of Possibilities ~Keynote address~ at an International Conference at Dhaka University, Bangladesh Oct. 2019

Civilization at the Point of Inflection: Imagining the Possibilities Ahead - The Uneasy Journey Forward? at China America Innovation Network(CHAIN) at Santa Clara California July 27th 2019

Global Economy at the Point of Inflection: The uneasy Challenges of Trade and Trust?- China’s journey forward? at Peking University Beijing, China July 18thth 2019

Civilization at the Point of Inflection: Imagining the Possibilities Ahead: The Uneasy Journey Forward?at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China July 18th 2019

Corporate Challenges in the Age of Technological Disruption: Strategic Do’s and Don'ts? at Merchant Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Kolkata, India May 17th 2019

Global Economy and Geo Politics in Transition: Role of Leadership at Tufts Gordon Institute, Medford MA April 26th 2019

Next Phase of China’s Global Presence: : Strategic Dos & Don’ts? at Peking University, China March 22 2019

Global Socio-economic Landscape in Transition: Next phase of China’s Globalization? at Tsinghua University, China March 21 2019

How Artificial Intelligence can deliver real value to Nation Building: Beyond the Hype toward Awakened Intelligence? Keynote at PanIIT Conference in New Delhi, January 20 2019

Shaping the 21st Global Socio-Economic Landscape: Unlocking the Leader in You at Columbia Business School, New York City, NY November 10th 2018

AI Radically Disrupts Work: Myth or Reality? Lead member of a panel discussion at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts November 8th 2018

Nurturing an Innovative Society for all round Inclusive Development: Towards Capitalism 2.0 ~Key note address~at an International Conference at Dhaka University, Bangladesh October 2018

Uneasy Challenges of the Next Phase of Globalization?: Strategic Imperatives to enable cross border cooperation, Key note address~ at an International Conference at Bangladesh University of Business & Technology, Bangladesh October 2018

Future of AI: Strategic dos & Don'ts? Leader of Panel discussion organized by MIT and IIT Kharagpur at Cambridge, MA September 11th 2018

Uncovering the Power of Innovation in You a Keynote address to Open Center of Entrepreneurship in November 2017 at the Steel City Durgapur, West Bengal, India

Future of “Economic-Ism”: Repurposing of Systems Dynamics to enable convergence of multiple streams of thoughts and innovation at an International Conference at Dhaka University, Bangladesh October 2017

Liberating Your IQ: Creating a Culture of Innovation at IXL Center, Entrepreneurship workshop for Latin American businesses at Cambridge, Massachusetts December 2016


Liberating Your IQ: Creating a Culture of Innovation at IXL Center, Entrepreneurship workshop for Latin American businesses at Cambridge, Massachusetts December 2016

Exploring New Frontiers of Business in the 21st Century: The Emerging Doctrines (?) at an International Conference at Dhaka University, Bangladesh October 2016

Civilization in Transition: Future of Education? at the 15th annual conference of The Boston Pledge at the Fletcher School, Medford, Massachusetts, October 2016

Advancing the Promise of Innovation in Higher Education: Cultivating a Culture of Innovation at Tufts University Leadership workshop, Medford, Massachusetts May 2016

Securing Workforce Advantage in Building Smarter and Agile Organization: Unlocking the Power of Inner-self to Influence Positive Outcomes at a Human resource summit meeting, Budapest, Hungary, November 2015

The Next Big Thing: Leader as an Innovator in the 21st Century at the Off-Shore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas May 2015

Smartening Capital Projects in the Oil & Gas Sector: Surviving (and thriving?) in the New Era at Chevron Management offsite, Houston, Texas January 2015

Addressing the two significant droughts of the 21st century: Leadership and Water at The Boston Pledge Annual meeting at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Medford, MA on December 20th 2014

Decoding the Leadership Paradox: Oil & Gas Companies on Trial? at the HR Forum organized by Schlumberger at Paris, France December 9th 2014

Practicing the Art & Science of “Self Regenerative”: Organization: Capturing the New Possibilities in a Probabilistic Environment at the Art of HR conference at the Cotrugli Business School Dubrovnik, Croatia November 13th 2014

Advancing the Promise of Inner Power to Power the 21St Century Leadership Qualities at thee Art of HR conference at the Cotrugli Business School Dubrovnik, Croatia November 14th 2014

Promise of Unconventionals: Navigating through the Twilight Zone at Harvard Business School Energy Conference on October 18th 2014, Cambridge MA


Partha Ghosh

Advancing IQ Dynamics of Organizations: Technology, People and Business Processes at the American Association of Petroleum Engineers and Geologists at Istanbul, Turkey on September 15th 2014

Advancing the Promise of Emerging Leaders: In Search of a New Paradigm? at the HR forum organized by Schlumberger at Paris, France December 2013

Advancing the Promise of Global Conscience: In search of Paradigm Shift at Global Knowledge Conference organized by a consortia Universities at The Suffolk University, November 1st 2013

Stimulating bottom up Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid at the Annual Conference of The Boston Pledge at MIT September 15th 2013

Visioning the Role of China in the Emerging Global Economy at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China on September 10th 2013

Strategic Imperatives for Japan in Post Tsunami Recovery at the Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan July 2013

Exploring the New Frontiers of Human Conscience Beyond 3/11: Japan & The World in An Uncertain Environment, Japan Roundtable Hitachi Center at The Fletcher School

How Competitive is your Power to Influence Innovative outcomes? at Schlumberger
Energy Leadership forum, Paris, France December 2012

Making Vedic Philosophy work: Innovation Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid at The Boston Pledge Annual conference at The Fletcher School on Nov 2012

Advancing the Power of Human Conscience Leadership toward Turbulent Energy Tensions at a Schlumberger Energy Conference, Paris, France December 2011

Exploring the New Frontiers of Human Conscience Beyond 3/11: Japan & The World in An Uncertain Environment, Japan Roundtable Hitachi Center at The Fletcher School November 18th 2011

Japan and United States in Changing Asia: Exploring the New Frontiers of Corporate Governance in An Environment of Heightened Uncertainty Waseda University Organization for Japan-US studies, Tokyo Japan, June 9th 2011

Partha Ghosh


Disaster in Japan: Global Insurance Coverage Issues; as a panelist discussed different dimensions of risk management from a holistic perspective of embracing uncertainties. June 10th 2011, Tokyo, Japan

Strategic Opportunities Ahead: Leadership Options for Portugal in the 21st Century at Instituto Superior (MIT Portugal Program) Lisbon, Portugal, May 2011

Advancing The Promise of Humanity: Relevance of the Thoughts and Spirit of Tagore in the 21st Century at The Tagore Society in Houston, April 29th 2011

Harnessing the Power of Micro Movements Keynote address at The Boston Pledge Annual conference at the Fletcher School, December 4th 2010

Realizing the Power of Inversion: Japanese Business at BOP. A Key note Address organized by Hitachi Center and Japanese students at the Fletcher School February 2010

Portugal Beyond Economic Crisis, - Keynote address at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Lisbon, Portugal February the 22nd 2010

Innovating our way out of Global Economic crisis, A keynote address at The Boston Pledge Annual Conference at Bentley University –December 2009

The “X” ism = New Capitalism: The Role of Middle East in the Global Economy, Keynote address at Bahrain organized Young Arab Leaders Association March, 2009

Enabling bottom up Entrepreneurship to meet Ecology, Energy and Equity challenge. Bengal National Chambers of Commerce and Industry December in Calcutta, India, December 2008

Managing Innovation with a strategic Mind at Indira Institute of Management & Globalization & strategic Problem Solving” at Indira Institute of Management December at Pune, India December, 2008

The Current Economic Meltdown: Strategic significance for India Maratha Chambers of Commerce, December at Pune, India

Responding to the Current Economic Meltdown: Possibilities beyond current (isms) Chambers of Commerce on December 2008, at Aurangabad, India


Taking Holistic Approach in Shaping Higher education in the 21st century: A Key note address at the Indian Chambers of Commerce at Mumbai December 2008

Power of bottom of Bottom up Entrepreneurship in Building a Nation at IIT Kharagpur December 2008

Magic of MBA in the 21st Century organized by the Times of India and a few New educational Institutes in Calcutta, St. Xavier’s College December 2008

Facing the Current Economic Crisis: Towards a New State Consciousness The Boston Pledge, Bentley College, Waltham Massachusetts, December 2008

Advancing the Power of Innovation: Exploring New Frontiers of Possibilities at the Fletcher School, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, October 2008

Uncovering the Hidden Potential of Emerging Nations: Towards New Strategic Alignments between Markets Key note address at India Calling 2008 Summit meeting at Toronto, Canada June 2008

Realizing the Power of Public Service Keynote address at the award ceremony of North South Foundation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, April 2008

Infrastructure development: From Entropy to Symphony: Keynote address at the Public Relations Society of India’s Annual Conference in Chennai October 2007

Uncovering the Leader in You: Practice of Leadership at the Sloan School of Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Massachusetts October 2007

Enabling Bottom up Enterprising towards Sustainable and Equitable Planet: A Holistic perspective on Energy, Ecology and Equity, Youth Employment Summit, Alexandria, Egypt, August 2007

Future of India Inc. in an Era of Uncertainty: Towards Sustainable & Equitable Dynamics, India at Sixty, Keynote address in celebration of India’s sixtieth birthday organized by Maharashtra Economic Development Council for the celebration of India’s sixtieth birthday, Mumbai, India, August 2007

Meeting the Challenge of E Waste: Unleashing the New Power of Chemical Engineering? Key note address at Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Mumbai, India May 2007


Avoiding the Dangers of Linear Thinking? A Strategic Perspective on China & The World in the 21st Century, MIT, Cambridge MA, May 2007

Envisioning An Industry which can Overcome the Challenge of the Finite with Infinite Possibilities: Towards A High Value added Era, Chemtech Keynote Address, February 2007

Adopting a New Holistic Perspective on Future India: Towards Sustainable & Equitable Balance, Keynote address at Chemtech Summit, Mumbai, India, February 2007

Towards A New Power Paradigm: Cultivating the Courage to Create the New Dynamics, Indian Merchants Chamber Mumbai, India, February 2007

The Short and Long of Development: Whose Life it is any way? Pan IIT meeting in Mumbai, India December 2006

How Chemical Engineering will Drive the Future? A Keynote address at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers meeting in Boston, MA November 2006

Advancing the Promise of Turkey in the Global Economy: The Strategic Imperatives: A Keynote Address in an International Conference organized by Sabanci University and TUSIAD, Istanbul Turkey, November 2006

Advancing the Promise of Chemical Industry Towards a Sustainable Planet: New Wealth Creation Equations? Keynote Address at P.C. Ray Memorial Lecture organized by Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association, Calcutta, India November 2006

Developing A strategic Relationship between UK and India, India-UK Summit meeting organized by London Chambers of Commerce and Indian Merchants Chambers in London, UK , October 2006

Cultivating the Courage to Face our Energy Future, Global Energy Conference Houston, USA, July 2006

Exploring The Frontiers of Fibers, Fabric & Fashion: Fastening for Fast Fashion Forward, Keynote address Citibank conference, Delhi, India May 2006

Architecting a New Dynamic with Nature: Time to Realign, Keynote Address Society of Women Engineers, Albany NY April 2006


Advancing the Frontiers of Medicine & Health Care Solutions: Towards A High Value added Era, Citibank Conference, Keynote address, Mumbai, India, February 2006

Developing the State of Maharashtra & City of Mumbai as Global Platforms? @ The Point of Inflection: The Journey Forward Maharashtra Economic Development Council, Mumbai, India January 2006

Innovation Management: Breaking the barriers of presuppositions - Towards An Enterprising India Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mumbai, India October 2005

Globalizing the Auto Industry: A Strategic perspective A Keynote address at Citibank Conference, Delhi and Mumbai, October 2005

Building an Innovative Society: Towards an Enterprising India Chemtech Global summit on Innovation at Mumbai, India, February 2005

Structuring Choices during Paradigm Shift: Riding the Tide of Next Stage Industries, A Keynote address at Indian Chemical manufacturers Association, Mumbai, India February 2005

Becoming “Glocal”: A Strategic & Speedy Approach to Higher ROI and Wider Reach Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association, Mumbai, India February 2005

Leveraging Biotech to Position India on the Global stage; Biotech summit meeting organized by Chemtech, at Mumbai, India, February 2005

The Emerging Global Economic Environment: Strategic Implications for the US-India relationship Indo-American Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference, Ahmedabad, India February 2005

Marketing West Bengal: Strategic do’s and don’ts at Bengal National Chambers of Commerce, Kolkata India February 2005

Rethinking the Role of the Board in the emerging Environment at Bombay Chambers of Commerce, Mumbai, India February 2005

Coming to Grips with Data Exclusivity and Intellectual Property management in the Pharmaceutical industry at Ankara, Turkey February 2004


Capitalism in Transition: Riding the Tide of Next stage Industries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA November 2003

Realizing Your Full Potential Harvard University Cyber Symposium, Cambridge, USA February 2003

New strategic Imperative of Knowledge Economy World Knowledge Forum, Seoul, South Korea, October 2002

Instilling Next generation Strategic processes for Competitive management of Knowledge World Knowledge Forum, Seoul, South Korea, October 2002

Committing to Rebuild Trust as a true Servant of a Fractured Civilization: Towards a more Enlightened Leadership Harvard University Student Agency Leadership Program, Cambridge, USA September 2002

Putting Deregulation in Perspective at Global Conference organized by John F Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School; Cambridge, USA February 1999

Impact of Digitization on the Global economy IBM and marchFIRST conference in London UK, September 1998

Repositioning New England Companies on The Global Stage, MIT Alumni Conference, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA January 1997

Instilling Strategic Management in the Board Rooms of the 21st century organized by Young President's Organization (YPO) Annual Conference, Delhi, India, August 1996

Japan's Approach to Asia: Strategic Opportunities in India held at MITI, Tokyo, Japan November 1995.

New Dimensions of Leadership for 21st Century held at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, City, India November 1995

A Paradigm Shift: Emerging Opportunities in Asia Pacific in Health Care at the leadership retreat of a major multi-national pharmaceutical company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia August 1995


Strategic Engagement of the US in the Asia & Pacific held at Venture Capitalists Group in Los Angles, USA, May 1995

Innovating Business Opportunities in India held at Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan May 1995

Strategic View Forward: Tying together Japan & India Initiatives held at Indian Trade Promotion Organization, Tokyo, Japan March 1995

Building Strategic Base in India held at Industrial Bank of Japan, Tokyo, Japan March 1995

Globalization of Japan: Dos & Don'ts at Club 21, Tokyo, Japan January 1995

Bridging the Great Divide between Perceptions & Realties: Beyond the rhetoric of Change Management sponsored by IT Asia, held in Calcutta, India February 1995.

Revitalizing Japanese Corporations' Global Strategy in an era of High value of Yen held at Bank of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan October 1994

Knitting a New Socio Economic fabric: The Arts of leadership to inspire the Divine within Annual Conference of Indian Management Association at Calcutta, India September 1994

Turkey towards the 21st century" in Istanbul, Turkey in 1990; one of the key addresses organized by the Organization of Turkish Businessmen's and Industrialists Association (TüSIAD) at Istanbul, Turkey August 1992

Shaping Strategic Responses to the coming Discontinuity in Informatics: The Priorities and the Processes for Indian Industry Computer Society of India, Madras, December 1992

Towards 21st century: Winning Strategies for the Nineties, Rotary Club of Bangalore, India February 1990

Employment Creation through Marketing of India at the 71st Annual Conference of India Economic Association” Calcutta, India December 1988


Cultivating the Courage to Create; A fundamental Requirement to build a dynamic and vibrant economy,Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, December 1988

Building a Competitive Economy: Lessons from the East Asian Experience, at hAnnual meeting of Madras Management Association December 1988

Exploring Frontiers Beyond Trade: Toward an Interdependent Pacific Community: A key note address in Sydney Australia organized by Pacific Basin Economic Council in May, 1988

Marketing India in the 21st century: A Strategic Approach CII Conference with Nations leadership from Government, Industry and Academia New Delhi, India September 1986

Bridging National Instincts to Create Global Equity Rotary Club of Everett, Massachusetts, USA March 1976

Strategic Implications of Alternative Energy Technologies MIT Conference on New Energy Technologies, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA September 1975